Universal 8X Zoom Phone Camera Lens
Universal 8X Zoom Phone Camera Lens

Universal 8X Zoom Phone Camera Lens

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This mobile phone telescope specially designed for your smartphone, makes it possible for you to take photos with your phone from a longer distance.

Overcome the shortcoming of the cellphone that can only take photos near-sighted.
Smart design for focusing longer distance with 8X optical zoom when taking photos or videos.
Fashion light path design, super wide angle, high resolution, excellent color revivification performance.
Effectively avoids image contortion leads to clear and bright picture quality ocular.
Suitable for smartphones.

Suitable occasions:
Can be widely used on varied occasions, such as, watching games, listening to the concert, going traveling, distance shooting for animal lovers and journalists.

1.Camera flash must be turned OFF while using the lens attachment.
2.Accessory ONLY, phone not included.

Telescope color: Black + Grey
Material: Aluminum shell + optical glass elements + rubber + plastic
Magnification: 8X
Angle of view (degrees): 9